Kips Bay Show Home

Chalk room:

 LR: A close-up of chalk artist Rajiv Surendru’s hand drawn mouldings in Garrow Kedigian’s sitting room.

AT: Garrow Kedigian’s sitting room blends class, creativity and contemporary furniture, including a close-up of Rajiv Surendru’s hand drawn mouldings.

Dining room:

 LR: We love the painted floor in Alex Papachristidis’ glamorous salon.

AT: Alex Papachristidis’ salon is both elegant and refined, with a soft colour palette and stunning gold accents. A subtle floral theme breathes life into the room and adds visual interest.

Ladies room 

LR: Favourite view of the settee niche.

AT: The settee is a must-have piece in any ladies dressing room, and this elegant, blush-tinted piece is no exception!

Ladies room

LR: Details of the Lady’s Dressing Room by Les Ensembliers (the jewelry was glued down!) in the drawers of an exquisite custom dressing table.

Ladies room

AT: The Lady’s Dressing Room by Les Ensembliers was designed to look like a traditional closet before opening up into a grand and glamorous space.

Master Bathroom

 LR: Groves & Co.’s master bath was graphic and gorgeous.

AT: Groves & Co.’s master bath is graphic and gorgeous, with a classic black and white palette and textural accents that lend a zen-like feel to the space.


 LR: Harry Heissmann’s powder room and the “Queen of the Mälaven” panel mosaic by Eric Foreth is circa 1923, Sweden.

AT: Harry Heissmann’s powder room is eye-catching with unlacquered brass accents and a panel mosaic that dates back to circa 1923 Sweden.

Family Room

 LR: N/A

AT: Done in creamy shades with pops of pastel, Suzanne Kasler’s family room is the perfect space to sit back and relax.

Family Room

AT: Kasler chose a peaceful palette for the room, which is done up entirely in linens, velvets, and neutrals.

Red Fireplace:

 LR: Victoria Hagen’s dazzling red lacquered fireplace chimney.

AT: Victoria Hagen’s bold red lacquered fireplace is eye-catching against the room’s otherwise neutral colour scheme.


LR: David Kleinberg’s library was restful and luxurious.

AT: David Kleinberg’s library is restful and luxurious, with a calming earth-toned palette and a symmetrical design.


LR: Sawyer/ Berson’s Petit Salon was dark and dreamy with a futuristic mosaic door.

AT: The Petit Salon features moody blue walls that are complemented by tan accents. Graphic floors add visual interest to the room’s otherwise refined lines.

Lady Lair:

 LR: The Lady Lair by Phillip Thomas with its colourful “graffiti” walls.

AT: The Lady Lair, designed by Phillip Thomas, is a glamorous room that offsets classic furniture pieces with mod graffiti walls.

Blue Room

 LR: N/A

AT: Blue pattered wallpaper and twin canopied beds give the room an airy feel and invoke feelings of calm and serenity.

Urban Oasis

LR: Hollander Design’s Urban Oasis on the roof with the amazing wall of potted orchids which was remodeled after the building was affected by the dangers of storm chasers.

AT: The urban oasis by Hollander Design brings nature to the rooftops of New York with a sleek dining table that doesn’t detract from the stunning wall of potted orchids.

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