Beautiful Form, Powerful function

Retaining walls can combine functional construction with decorative landscape feature. They are available in a vast majority of material products, have a large color selection as well come many sizes and shapes. They can be engineered which makes for an even greater range of applications. Building a retaining wall is can be a great addition to your landscaped garden.


The landscaping industry has flourished from strength to strength and still continues to grow today due to the many choices and selections of landscaping materials and products that homeowners can implement to the exterior locations of their residential properties. One of the most popular choices that homeowners, landscape designers and builders should consider is a retaining wall system.

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Before After


Here are 5 benefits to installing a retaining wall system:

A retaining wall system such as Allan Block is not only durable, but also virtually limitless in design. Your imagination is the limit. We have been installing Allan Block systems for almost a decade and are Certified Allan Block Master Wall Builders.

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