Be waterwise!

Xeriscaping and xerogardening refer to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Often when people here the term xeriscaping they fear it means ripping out lawns to replace them with sand and rocks, eliminating color in their garden. Not so! Xeriscaping provides many attractive planting options, ranging from shrubs to grasses, trees, and even flowers.


Rock gardens can be an attractive feature, and so can a spiny cactus. The most obvious benefit of utilizing xeriscaping in your landscaping design is the reduction of water use. There are many other direct and indirect benefits. Many homeowners will see a 50% reduction in water consumption for landscape maintenance

Before After
Before After


Here are many not-so-obvious benefits:

With water meters to be installed on all houses in the city of Kamloops, if not installed already, Xeriscaping has become increasingly popular. An environmentally conscious home-owner is able to see the benefits of this style of gardening. As and environmentally conscious company it is our pleasure to aid home-owners with such projects.

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