Taking Your Vision From Concept To Reality

Grade-A Construction is a home renovation and landscaping contractor with focus on quality that serves Kamloops BC and surrounding area.

Why Choose Us

Client Committed

Delivering a quality product that exceeds our clients vision and requirements is our number one goal. Our commitment to both quality and craftsmanship stands in our reputation with our clients and their satisfaction. We are dedicated to building long lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with the best possible service and a final product they love even more than we do. There is no better satisfaction than referrals from a satisfied customer or being clients calling us back to complete additional projects.

Focus On Quality

We take great pride in our work and as such see it as much more than just a “paycheck”. We do not believe in cutting corners to save money. We set our standards high to provide all our clients with the best possible final product they will love. A product that we can stand behind, feel good about and warranty because we know it was constructed with durability and beauty in mind. We feel so strongly towards doing quality work that exceeds our clients expectation we had to name our business after it.

Environmentally Conscientious

Being eco-friendly is in the forefront of our minds in all our business practices. From reusing or repurposing materials to using environmentally sustainable products every effort is made to reduce waste and keep materials out of the landfill. We encourage all our clients to do their part as well by recommending the installation energy efficient appliance and lighting, using materials with high R-Values and reducing water consumption by using water conserving fixtures and xeriscaping more and turfing less.

Peace Of Mind

We provide you the assurance you deserve, know your project completed safely will be completed safely and is built to last.

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