DIY: Treat Cones & Pinecone Swag

What you’ll need for the treat cones:

Two 12″ x 12″ pieces of paper such as cardstock, old calendars or wallpaper ends
Narrow double-sided tape
Hole punch


Cut two sheets of 12″ x 12″ paper on the diagonal and glue them together, back-to-back, to ensure both sides
of the cone are pretty.
Lay the paper on a table so the point of the triangle is at the top.
Take the bottom right corner and curl it up and over until it lines up exactly with the top point of the triangle. This will indicate where to apply the double-sided tape on the “outside” of the cone.
Apply a 4″ strip of tape and repeat the previous step, this time securing the paper to create the first half of the cone.
Then, attach another strip of double-sided tape to the bottom part of the triangle on the “inside” of the cone, and roll
the cone down onto the tape to complete the shape.
Punch a hole on either side, attach a ribbon for hanging and top it off with a tassel.
Fill with treats and hang on a door, back of
a chair or from a peg.

What you’ll need for the pinecone swag:

Approx. 12–14 dry pinecones


Start by attaching a long piece of twine to the ends of three pinecones, varying the length of the twine.
Do the same thing with three more pinecones and make twine lengths a bit shorter.
Braid the six pinecones together so they nestle on top of one another.
Then, leave a long length of braided twine for hanging.
Finally, attach short pieces of twine to the remaining pinecones and tie them individually to the braided twine.
Fold the braid over and attach on one end to create a loop for hanging.

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